Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane, M.Ed.

Lost in the Fog of the Messy Middle

January 05, 2023 Tiphany Kane/ KaSa Media Productions Season 3 Episode 139
Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane, M.Ed.
Lost in the Fog of the Messy Middle
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Show Notes

Have you ever felt lost in the fog- you can't see even 5 feet in front of you and you feel a lone in the world and unsure of your path? This is exactly what I experienced in real life on an outing for my 49th birthday. We were in Charleston, South Carolina on a ferry boat out to tour Fort Sumpter. The morning was cold, drizzly, and very, very foggy. Our ferry boat was completely socked in and at one point had ZERO visibility. It felt like we were the only boat on the harbor.

On the ferry ride back to Charleston from Fort sumpter,  the sun was shining, the fog had lifted...and all around us were incredible sights. We could see HUGE boats in the harbor all around us. We could see the beautiful city skyline. We could see the massive suspension bridge that went across the harbor. None of these were visible just a few short hours ago when the fog blocked our vision.

This struck me as a beautiful metaphor for life. So many times we feel lost and alone. We feel like we are in a vast ocean and cannot see 5 feet in front of us. And yet....all around us there are people and opportunities just waiting for the fog to lift.

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